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Q Is there an age limit for admissions?
We do not impose particular age limit for admissions. Provided that the applicant has a clear goal for studying in Japan, there are no problems.

Q What Japanese level is needed to study in Japan?
1. Student visa (except for the countries listed below) — not required

2. Other types of visa for sightseeing, working holiday, Japanese spouse etc. — not required

3. Student visa (China, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mongol, Bangladesh, Vietnam) — required

①Senior High School graduate or those who have an equivalent educational background.
②Either of the following qualifications:

(i) JLPT N5 (the old level 4 test)
(ii) At least 150 study hours of Japanese.

Q When can students begin studying at the school?
Student visa – Students enrolling in the 1-year course can begin their studies in April/July/October.

Q Do you have short-term courses?
Yes,we do.

①Registration Fee・・・¥10,800
②Tuition・・・(Inclusive of 8% consumption tax. A fee of about ¥1,000~¥2,000 is separately payable for textbooks and school outings.)

¥32,400 / 2weeks
¥64,800 / 4weeks
¥97,200 / 6weeks
¥129,600 / 8weeks
¥162,000 / 10weeks
¥194,400 / 12weeks
¥388,800 / 24weeks
¥583,200 / 36weeks

Q Can I pay tuition in installments?
Payment is essentially made for one year, but you may pay in installments. Please contact the school for more information.

Q Do you have student dormitories?
Yes, we do. The following prices are examples only; they are subject to changes depending on the types of dormitory. (Utilities, fire insurance fee, and the cleaning fee upon termination are not included.)

From ¥37,000 per month up (1 apartment unit for 1 student only.)

Q Can I work part-time?
Students can work part-time. (28 hours per week ) * No part-time work is allowed for holders of tourist visa.
Currently enrolled students are engaged in part-time jobs where the work is simple, such as at restaurants, translation, and factories. The average hourly wage is about ¥650~¥800 .

Q How long are classes? Does the school have long vacations?
A Lessons in the Japanese Language Department run from 9:30 to 12:40 or from 13:30 to 16:40. Each class is 90 minutes in length. Classes are held from Monday through Friday. The main long school breaks are summer and spring vacations.

Q How do students commute to school?
Students commute by walking or bicycle or motor bicycle or bus.

Q How much are food expenses for one month?
About ¥30,000 ~

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