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Cross Cultural Communication Center Annexed Japanese School is a Japanese Language School in Ginowan-shi, Okinawa. Our students commute to school from Urasoe-shi, Naha-shi, Okinawa-shi, Nishihara-cho etc.

Learning Environment

Our classrooms are surrounded by flowers and green, and you can feel the refreshing breeze coming through the windows. If you want to learn Japanese slowly and thoroughly, we can offer you the best place. When you are a little tired after studying hard, have a cup of tea and relax while looking out at the nature.

Person-to-person Care

Person-to-person CareClassrooms are not the only place to learn Japanese. We care about our students and value the communication with them in and out of the classrooms. Our staff members are always trying to provide the students with every opportunity to learn the Japanese language and ways of speaking it depending on the situation not only in their lessons but in their everyday life too.

Field Trips and Activities in Various Areas

Field Trips and Activities in Various AreasWhen you learn a foreign language, it is indispensable to understand the country where it’s spoken through learning their culture, customs, and history. In order for our students to know the actual shape of Japan and Okinawa from the past to today, we are carrying out field trips to historical sites as well as study tours to various public facilities, and community exchanges as a part of our program. For example, our students in the past have participated in international conferences on tourism related to Okinawa, and international exchange programs held at local elementary schools, and deepened their understanding on the state of today’s Japan and Okinawa. These activities have attracted favorable comments from our students, and greatly helped brushing up their Japanese.

A Place of Cross-Cultural Communication

A Place of Cross-Cultural CommunicationAlthough Okinawa has a relatively small population of 1.43 million with all its islands included, it has the largest percentage of foreign residents in the country (4%). Students at our school are of many nationalities, too, which makes the school a place of cross-cultural communication everyday. You can enjoy the exchanges with people from different countries as you learn Japanese.

Academic Environment Surrounded by Universities

Our school is located near University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa International University, and Okinawa Christian University and Junior College. Therefore, the area has the largest number of students in the prefecture. Some of these universities leave the doors of their libraries open to the public, and you will be able to make the best use of the facilities outside your class hours. You could say it’s the best learning environment for those who are in a serious quest for knowledge. Also, some of our students took part in the activity of an on-campus traditional art club, where they had active interchanges with Japanese university students.

Access to Universities and Graduate Schools in Mainland Japan

We provide our students with information on Japanese colleges, universities, and graduate schools inside and outside of the prefecture for their future plans after graduating from our school. Some of the colleges and universities in Japan have financial support programs including reduction of tuitions to promote the admission of international students. Once our students have decided which school to apply for, we will give them detailed instruction in preparation for their entrance exams.

Career Plans in Tourism Industry

If you wish to work in the tourism industry, we can help you plan for your future in a consistent flow from the stage of learning basic Japanese language, entering college, then to the goal of finding a job in tourism industry. This has been made possible in cooperation with the International College of Dual Business (Tokyo) which has a high employment rate of graduates over years. After graduating from our school, it is possible for our graduates to enter either one of the International Tourism Course, International Hotel Management Course, and Air Cargo Course at International College of Dual Business on a priority basis.

Okinawa Holds the Key to the 21st Century

Surrounded by its beautiful coral sea, Okinawa attracts approximately 5 million tourists every year, and is one of the most popular resort destinations in the country. Also, one session of the G8 Summit in July 2000 was held in Okinawa attracting the attention of the world with Japan-U.S. relationship as the focus of talks. You could say this was a symbolic event showing that Okinawa would be the key to Asia and the world in the 21st century. Please come and experience Okinawa and its unique historical and cultural background in Japan.

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