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There are different kinds of qualifications given by Immigration Bureau of Japan when you enter Japan depending on the purposes of your entry and stay in Japan. When you enroll in a Japanese school, you will need a “college student visa.”
That said, it is possible to enroll in Japanese schools with status other than “college student visa”.

What is “college student visa”?

This is a visa required for studying at universities, colleges, high schools, technical schools etc.
Duration of Stay: One year to two years (up to two years at Japanese language schools)

Short-stay Visas

For the purpose of participating in activities such as sightseeing, sports events, visiting family and relatives, study tour, lectures, and meetings.
Duration of Stay: 90 days, 30 days, and 15 days etc.

Permanent Resident, Spouse of Japanese Citizen, Fixed Domicile Resident, Technical Expert, Dependent Visa, Religious Activities, Instructor, and so forth.

Even if you don’t have a college student visa, it is possible to enroll in our school with one of the above mentioned visas.

For more information, visit

the Web site of the Immigration Bureau of Japan.

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