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Lin Lin (China)

Study Period : 8/7/17 – 8/18/2017  (Summer Course)

It is a miracle to make a dream

On August 5, 2017, with a nervous and excited heart, I came to the beautiful island of Okinawa , the eastern Japanese island. When I got here, I was amazed by everything I saw, with all the distinctive buildings, the vast ocean, the enthusiastic okinawans…Yes, this is Okinawa, a small but particularly beautiful island.

Came to the school, the teachers are enthusiastic towards me on everyone’s face is permeated with a smile, is also close to prepared herbal tea for me to get rid of the heat of summer, let me off at the strange and timid, have more firm confidence, with dreams and excitement that began two weeks of study life.

Although there are only two weeks of study time, the study content is substantial, the study life is rich and colorful, each day is happy. Here, I have a lot of opportunities to speak Japanese and practice Japanese. I can learn and exchange Japanese with my teacher in class, and I can get answers from my teacher without knowing any questions. In addition to learning Japanese, I can also chat with teachers, from what to eat breakfast every day to chat to me what kind of dream, here, the teacher not only is the best teacher, but also friends, I don’t afraid of loneliness, I can become friends and teachers.

In this way, I learned the basic everyday language and learned the simple daily conversation. From the beginning to nothing, you can finally communicate with the teacher in the most basic dialogue. I think this is a miracle for me, and I move forward with my dream.

I believe this school will be a great school for me and for others, and it will help you achieve your goals and achieve your goals.

Finally, I wish the Cross Cultural Communication Center Annexed Japanese School will do better and better. Love you guys.

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